W6SLZ Repeater Visit

A planned trip to the W6SLZ Repeater yielded an interesting surprise. A tree that had been host to an earlier (years past) installation of pager antennas had fallen very close to the repeater shack. Fortunately, no dame to the repeater or that shack occurred.

A recent visit to the W6SLZ 2m Repeater yielded an interesting surprise. Dick (W6SLZ) arranged for a small crew to head up to the repeater to check on it and determine what work, if any, would be needed to prepare the repeater and the shack for the winter.

As the crew of three, including Dick (W6SLZ), Dave (WA5GUL), and John (KM6DXY) were making their way to the repeater, they encountered their first obstacle. In the road ahead of them was a fallen tree. Fortunately, Dick and Dave were able to move the tree off to the side and the crew was able to continue on to the repeater.

Upon arriving at the repeater site, they discovered that the landscape near the shack had changed. A large tree that had supported a platform for a pager/ antenna system had fallen. Fortunately, it fell parallel to the repeater shack and did not damage it. The team was able to inspect the repeater and develope a list of “Honey Do’s” that need to be completed by winter as well as a list of potential future improvements to the site.

Join us on the adventure as you click through our photos from the trip.

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Gorman Ridge Rally – 2021

Held every year, the Gorman Ridge Rally is a great event to attend for competitors, spectators and volunteers – especially Amateur Radio Operators or “Hams”.

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In this segment, you will follow the Maxey Comms Team into the Hungry Valley SVRA after they met up in Gorman, CA. As the team progresses on Gold Hill Road to their positions on the Maxey course, Paula provides great information along the way. The organizers did a great job of putting this rally together. Follow John and Brenda as they make their way to their position as “Blockage #1 – Wide Area and Fast Finish. All blockages help to prevent spectators, campers, and “Off-Road Enthusiasts” (ATVs) from accidentally entering the course during the rally. This would be highly dangerous to all. In addition, certain radio teams would be given the task of calling in the rally car numbers as they pass by their blockages. You will hear this in later segments. All radio teams tracked the cars as they passed through in case they broke down, blocked the road, or ran off the course. They could then relay that information to the Comms Captain and Net Control. The Tehachapi Amateur Radio Association was represented by 6 radio operators covering two blockages on the Maxey course and two operators covering the Start Finish for the Badger/North Boundary Course.

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