Repeater Information

To prepare yourself for effective repeater use, please check out Bob Witte’s VHF FM Operating Guide.  It’s full of great instruction and information useful to hams both old and new:

Tehachapi Area Repeaters

RepeaterFrequencyToneCall SignTypeNotes
BVS Repeater:146.700(-)123.0 ToneW6SLZOpen MachineEmComm Backup 145.580 Simplex
BVS Repeater:440.625(+)100.00 ToneW6SLZOpen MachineOn the Win System
BVS Digipeater:144.390No ToneWA6LDQ-3APRS Digipeater
Tehachapi Repeater (Cummings Mtn.)442.925(+)141.3KI6HHUOpen MachineOn the KERN System
Tehachapi Repeater (Double Mtn.)446.320(-)151.4KI6HHUOpen MachineOn the KERN System
Tehachapi Repeater444.425(+)100.0KG6KKVOpen MachineARRG Linked Repeater
Tehachapi Repeater447.120(-)67.0KR6DKOpen MachineLinked to KR6DK Bilingual Repeater Network
Tehachapi Area Repeaters

Bear Valley Springs Emergency Radio Team (BVS ERT) – The team includes members from the communities of Bear Valley Springs, Stallion Springs, Alpine Forest, Tehachapi, and Sand Canyon. We also have team members from areas outside of these communities.

Primary EMCOMM Repeater: BVS Repeater, 146.700(-) 123.0 Tone (W6SLZ) This is the primary repeater used in the weekly BVSERT Net on Sunday nights (1900 local). In the event that this repeater is down or goes offline, the backup repeater (on the same frequency) will be brought online.

Back-up EMCOMM Calling Frequency: 145.580 Simplex In the event that the Primary and Secondary BVSERT EMCOMM Repeaters are down, the team will utilize the Simplex frequency of 145.580 This will require more teamwork and exercise the team’s ability to relay messages to and from Net Control.

KERN System Repeaters

These 3 repeaters are part of the KERN Linked Repeater System.  The 3 repeaters listed here can be hit from locations in Tehachapi.  Follow this link to learn about the system:

447.860(-) PL 141.3 Frazier Mt 8000′

442.925(+) PL 141.3 Cummings Mt (Serves S San Joaquin Valley) 7800′

446.320(-) PL 151.4 Double Mt. (Tehachapi) 8000′

DMR Repeaters in the Tehachapi Area

Callsign:  K6RET Frequency:  442.67500 Offset:  +5.000 ColorCode:  1
Brandmeister, Bakersfield, CA. The location is in the Tehachapi Mountains near Cummings Mountain

Callsign:  K6GTA Frequency:  442.225 Offset:  +5.000 ColorCode:  1
Brandmeister, Bear Valley Springs, CA. The location is in the Tehachapi Mountains near Bear Valley Springs. Open Repeater with an available slot for anyone to use at any time. Repeater is at approximately 3,200′ and provides coverage to most on the West side of the mountain in Bear Valley Springs.

Additional information may be found on


ARRG Linked Repeater System

This repeater can be hit form locations in Tehachapi.  Follow this link to learn about the system:

444.425(+) PL 100 Cummings Mt. Tehachapi Ca.

All the repeaters on the system are linked Full-Time.

Some useful repeaters in Antelope Valley

146.730(-) PL 100, Hauser Peak, Palmdale Ca.

145.340(-) PL 100, Randsburg (Govt. Peak), near Ridgecrest Ca.

146.385(+) PL 146.2, Keller Peak, San Bernardino Mountains near Running Springs Ca.

145.280(-) PL 131.8, JPL maintained on Table Mountain, San Gabriel Mountains near Wrightwood Ca.