RATPAC Zoom Presentation

Looking to get “Radio Active”? Look into RATPAC. They hold Zoom twice-a-week. The Wednesday presentation covers “General Amateur Radio Topics” and the Thursday presentation covers EMCOMM topics. Visit their information page at https://groups.io/g/Ratpac and join the group.

WinLink Online Training: WK6, Advance Questions / Answers

The postponed WK6 presentation is now on track for Thursday, September 3rd, please join us.  Note: The Zoom information is the same as it was before, use it or use what is shown below. 

Please plan to attend Thursday, September 3 ARES Zoom session.  Zoom Information shown below
9:00 PM AST / 9:00 PM EDT / 8:00 PM CT / 7:00 PM MDT / 6:00 PM PDT / 5:00 PM AKDT / 3:00 PM HST

Topic: WK6 – Winlink Advance Questions/Answers
Speaker:Phil Sherrod, W4PHS  Phil is part of the WInlink Developement Team and will be accompanied by others. 

Thursday’s meeting will be OPEN for all to attend. Please feel free to invite others.

èè  NOTE:  I have attached a Winlink Workshop reference sheet with links to previous Winlink workshops and related information. 

This meeting will be recorded. By participating you consent to being recorded. 

Please change your display name to Your FirstNameCallSign and Location, e.g. Dan K7REX Idaho
è Changing Your Display Name in Zoom

Please stay muted until ready to speak. Your space bar works like a PTT for unmuting

To be fair to everyone, there will be a three minute limit for each person during Q & A

You may ask questions in chat; please stay on topic while using chat. 

For security reasons, we have not inlcuded the meeting link or password. To have that information sent to you, please email [email protected] with your request and call sign.


Emergency communications is one of cornerstones of amateur radio. Out goal is to be prepared to serve our community in the event of an emergency or disaster when there is a need to provide organized message trafficking or to supplement failed communication mediums. The EMCOMM operator must be trained and equipped to support a wide variety of incidents. To that end we encourage participation in the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). To best be prepared and to join ARES specifically, there is training and certifications you can get for free without too much effort. Also, each Sunday night at 19:00 hrs on the W6SLZ repeater (146.700 PL 123.0) we hold an EMCOMM roll call for hams who are willing serve in the time of an emergency (though all are welcome to call in).


As of now, TARA is associated with Western Kern County ARES:



ARES requires at least the following FEMA training courses: IS-100.B, IS-200.B, IS-700.A and IS-800.B. Additionally you need IS-100.HCB to server a hospital or health department. Find said couses at:






and maybe…


The go-kit is a crucial part of a ham’s ability to do EMCOMM. It has all of the tools and supplies needed to operate in an effective manner and do so for many hours or even days and in perhaps adverse conditions. There are many ways to assemble a go-kit such as boxes, cases and backpacks. What matters is that you have everything you need for the EMCOMM operation on the band you’re going to work, be able to recover from a SNAFU, and to take care of your own self. Our current strategy is to be equipped to operate primarily on the 2M band with added 70CM and HF where needed. Here are some examples of what typically goes into the kit:



More coming…