Bear Valley Springs Emergency Radio Net (BVS ERT)

The Bear Valley Springs Emergency Radio Team (BVS ERT) consists of FCC-licensed amateur radio operators in Bear Valley Springs, Tehachapi City, and adjacent communities that volunteer their radio relay skills in the event of an emergency.  If you would like to participate or become a member of the team, join us on-air or via Echolink and wait for the call for “Guests” to check-in.  You will need to identify yourself with your call sign, first name, and whether or not you would be available if there was an actual emergency that night on the net.

The net is held every Sunday night at 7:00 pm (1900 hours) on the W6SLZ 2m Repeater. The repeater information is:  146.700(-), PL 123.0   (EMCOMM backup 145.580 simplex)y yyio