“Just Because Net”

Join us for the TARA Just Because Net Wednesday Nights at 1900 PDT. The Net is held on the Bear Mountain W6SLZ repeater 146.700- MHz 123 Hz (PL).This is an informal Net started after Covid-19 to help us stay in contact with our fellow area Hams.NET Control usually calls for 3 check-ins at a time to start a round robin discussion with a suggested topic. (Net control may choose to change this up if they like) Check-ins may discuss this topic or are encouraged to change the subject if they wish.Membership in TARA is not required to participate in the Net. We have had some great technical discussions in the past covering many subjects; i.e.- Antennas

– Alternative Power
– Overlanding
– ConOps
– WinLink
– Virtual Expo
– FT-8
– BioEnno Batteries
– Go Kits
– WinLink
– Our favorite toy stores
– Ham Equipment For Sale
– Requests for Help
– Solutions to problems

If you have a question about a mode of operation, equipment or anything amateur radio related subject; chances are this group can help or point you in the right direction.