SSTV from Bakersfield, CA

Micah – KN6VUT

Micah -KN6VUT

This afternoon I spent some time practising SSTV.

I used a Baofeng UV-5 with a mic connected to my base antenna and a Chromebook running the “Robot36” Android app.

My mobile unit is a BTech 25×4 which I used with the Android app “Robot36” running on an old phone.

I was sending SSTV’s from different parts of Bakersfield using my car radio to transmit to my base at home.

I sent five photos to my house from different locations in Bakersfield. All the locations seemed to have a good steady signal strength.

This was all without direct wired plugs, using speaker to microphone on both radios.

My home base is near Oswell South of  Hwy 58 in a housing community.

Images sent from-

Burger King 34th and Union- 6 mile NW

Columbus East of Mt Vernon- 5 mile N

Fairfax and College- 3 mile NE

Oswell South of Niles 2 mile N

Oswell South of Edison Highway N 1 mile